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Work Experience 

Would you like to join us for work experience at Narcissus?

We welcome all students looking to gain practical experience of working life as a florist. Our students come with varying degrees of experience, from many different backgrounds, those such as gardening, art school and other creative industries. All we require of you is a love of flowers, that you are keen to learn and have the ability to muck in.

Normally our placements are for 1-2 full days per week on set days of the week; the work is unpaid but you will gain invaluable experience, inspiration and much enjoyment from this opportunity of being part of our team. You will be introduced to the basics of floristry and learn the beginnings of what there is to know about flowers, the shop environment and the technical skills of our craft.

Those interested should contact erin@narcissusflowers.co.uk, we look forward to hearing from you.